Created to Create

For months i have been dreaming and thinking about these words. I have heard to many times to count people telling me that they are not creative. I tend to get pretty worked up hearing that, and try not to knock the person upside the head with a wet noodle.  EVERYONE is creative in some form or another. Just because a persons creativity doesn't show up through painting, sculpting, drawing, singing, or playing an instrument doesn't mean a person is NOT creative. 

Creativity shines through in the smallest of ways, its YOUR job to find out yours.



These beautiful stickers came in the mail today. I had them made to give away to everyone who purchases from my shop so they will be reminded how amazing they were created. 

Morning Reflections


With the onset of chilly rainy mornings, i have been snuggling on the couch with my coffee pondering and reflecting on life. 

Every day of the nearly 3 years we have lived in Oregon i wake with thankfulness in my heart.  It is so important to me to be ever mindful of this thankfulness and keep that joy alive in my heart.

Eight Months ago our family had some changes happen in our life, and at that time both my husband and I felt there were BIG things in our near future. What those things are we didn't know, but we were aware of it. 

This year my Husbands Graphic Design Business has grown and prospered more than we could imagine. He has flown all over the country for work, and has more work than he can handle. Even with his chaotic work schedule he really has done an amazing job of balancing work, family, and ministry. He lives intentionally in every area. 

This past week he has had 2 huge opportunities come up that have blown us away.  we are not sure if they will come through as of yet, even if they don't come through we feel so blessed and thankful. 

Four years ago i would have never even believed we would be living in Oregon.

I will always stop and ponder and reflect on the Goodness of my God, who loves me more than i could ever imagine. He cares for every detail of our lives. Not saying we wont go through hard times, but even in those moments He is good, and i can see Him working in our lives.


My Morning Reading from Glimpses of Grace 

Being Time is Never Wasted

Perhaps one of the saddest things we can do is waste time, as Shakespeare knew when he had Richard the Second cry out, "I have wasted time, and now doth times waste me."

But being time is never wasted time. When we are being, not only are we collaborating with chronological time, but we are touching on kairos, and are freed from the normal restrictions of time. In moments of mystical illumination we may experience, in a few chronological seconds, years of transfigured love. 

Canon Tallis says that his secretary does not understand that when he is thinking, he is working; he thinks he is wasting time. But thinking time is not wasted time. There are some obvious time-wasters, such as licentious living, drunkenness, adultery, all the things Paul warns us about. A more subtle time -waster is being bored. Jesus was never bored. If we allow our 'high creativity" to remain alive, we will never be bored. We can pray, standing in line at the super market. Or we can be lost in awe at all the people around us, their lives full of glory and tragedy, and suddenly we will have the beginnings of a painting, a story, a song.   Madeleine L'Engle

Preparing for the Spring

After the last week or so of feeling inadequate in my work, i am starting to pull myself out of the mire, with the help of amazing friends that have spoken wise and kind words to me to build me up and encourage me, i am so very blessed.

I saw this quote on instagram today and felt it spoke right to me.

"One reason that people have artist's block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don't produce fruit all year long, constantly. They have a point where they go dormant. And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to the technical tasks that don't take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again."    Marshall Vandruff

Such wise words for me to hear.

I am so very thankful for the people in my life who support me as an artist, i am overwhelmed with the love.


- Simple Sparrow of Oregon 

The last few weeks have been so good business wise, i was able to finish up a couple customs pieces and the customers were thrilled with how they turned out. Ive come up with come new designs that i felt were done well. Today on the other hand started with me working on a necklace that i was really excited about, my original sketch which i thought would work, i ended up needing to make a couple adjustments. no biggie. unfortunately i got stuck, i decided the best thing i could do was walk away for the moment and mull everything over. Its never a good idea to work out of frustration. laying in bed tonight i decided to look up some ideas to help me out, my searches didn't really help, so instead i decided to go through old photos of my all time favorite silversmith. I love looking at her work. Well tonight instead of inspiring me, it did quite the opposite, it made me feel pretty low and worthless, my work seems pitiful in comparison. I know i shouldn't compare, but man oh man.

I need to figure out ways to become more adventurous in my ideas and work. I don't know if i am feeling stressed about getting enough inventory for the Holiday Market. 

I was hoping writing this down would help me process, not sure if thats working.

Maybe a solo walk or hike tomorrow will help me clear my thoughts and gain some inner strength.

- A Simple Sparrow


Over the last few weeks i've been pondering the Mother/Daughter relationship as a whole. My first born is my only daughter, i've often wondered if our relationship would be different had i had more than one girl. I myself have 13 sisters total between biological, half, and adopted. The way i interact with my own Mother is no where near the way my daughter does with me. I'm unsure if this is because i was one of so many and never had the chance, or because of personality. 

Since the day my sweet baby girl entered this world, she has been a mamas girl


Over the years i felt smothered by her need to ALWAYS be near me, touching me, in my personal space. i've joked about the reasons i think she is this way

1. i weaned her at 6 months, because i was 3 months pregnant with her brother Lennon, my joke is she's like a kitten weaned to early. 

2. If i had an ergo when she was a baby things would have been a lot easier. If she could fit she would want me to carry her in one today.

3. i thought of this one the other day, the doctor induced me and maybe she just wasn't ready to be separate from me.

Its funny to joke about these things, but in all seriousness some may be true. 

Some of you may not know, i had all three of my babies VERY close together, so to be a mom of basically three babies at once is very hard, i was also only 20 when i gave birth to Adia. This year i turned 35 and i am just now starting to feel more competent at being Mom, well sorta .

Like i was saying over the years i have struggled with her clinginess, at times to the point of anger. but something i read a few days ago really made me stop and think. A mom i follow on instagram posted a photo of her reading to her children and her daughter was sitting behind her while she lay on the couch, with her arms crossed over her moms head. This mom stated that this was all about a Mother/Daughter connection in the sneakiness of ways. Why this spoke to me i have no idea, but it did. It got me thinking WHY? Why have i been fighting her wanting to be close to me?  

The sweet little thing just needs to be close to her mama, feeling love, craving touch.

Why have i been thinking this is abnormal? Its the most natural connection in the world.


When i really think about it, i love that she likes to be close to me, i love her playing with my hair, snuggling next to me. I will fight this no more, i will embrace her, literally.

What an honor it is to be this girls Mama, she is such a creative, talented, focused, determined young lady. 

This beautiful girl LOVES me, more than i can even fathom. Lord give me the wisdom to be her Mama, to love her like she needs, to hold her when she needs it, to listen when she needs to ramble, and to always believe the sky is the limit for her.

Miss Adia Rose, you are the most precious gift, i look forward to seeing how you will change this world for the better. you have such amazing dreams.

I love you


-Your Mama

I am so thankful for friends and a husband that support me and encourage me in my dreams, even when i get distracted and procrastinate. 

I feel i went through a slight disconnect after we moved. having such a beautiful work space in AZ all to myself then coming here and not really having a descent place to work was hard on my creativity. I am a slow processor and finally i am  feeling motivation to create. Not only to create jewelry but also to create a happy work environment. I am excited to begin this season.

Its funny, this year i have been striving to make sure i read at least one novel a month, in doing this i feel it inspires me to create, i love how one creative outlet fuels other creative outlets.

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as i begin this season and that i continue to feel motivated and inspired. All of your kind words builds up my confidence like no other. 

-A Simple Sparrow

Falling into place

October is in full swing, the leaves are falling there is a chill in the air & the hope of sweaters and scarves is on the horizen.

At the end of September the Korv family flew to Arizona the birthplace of my husband and all three of my children, to attend the funeral of R.'s Father. It was a sad time, but also a fun time for our children to play and be with their Cousins, Aunts & Uncles. After a week and a half of 110 degree weather i was very ready to get home to Eugene. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Not that i doubt that Eugene is home to me, but its nice to leave and on return feel that overwhelming sense of THIS IS HOME pounding in my heart. at least once a week out of the blue i say to R. 'Thank you for bringing us to Oregon' Im forever thankful and grateful. 

The children are back in school, settling into their routine, getting all their back homework done. I am still finding pros and cons to the 3 being in public school, for this year we will stick with it, but praying for what Gods will for our family is next year. 

As for me i am settling into my routine of working for R. and babysitting 2 of the cutest 2 year olds this side of Texas. Those two days i am home with them have been really good for me, i don't do well when i am away from my home to many days in a row, so having these set days to be home, and do the housework i need to get done, and the opportunity to putter around my house does my soul good.

i am going to leave you with an excerpt from my favorite book 'Glimpses of Grace' by Madeleine L'Engle

June 13 - Madeleine is with Dana and Margie, two of their "summer children." They had attended a carnival with Hugh and had brought home enormous trumpets.

"Sunday evening was clear and luminous so we went to the star-watching rock and welcomed the arrival of each star with a blast of trumpet. We lay there, in an odd assortment of coats; I had on an embroidered coat a friend had bought in Dubrovnik; the two girls had on ancient fur coats; and we were covered with blankets. We needed them, even though the rock itself still held the warmth of the sun, our own star, and radiated a gentle heat to us as we lay there and watched the sky, blowing the trumpets and sharing a can of insect repellent and listening to the crickets and the katydids and trying to identify the other night singers, and then out singing them with all the nursery rhymes and songs and hymns we could think of which had stars and alleluias in them. And i was totally back in joy. I didn't realize i had been out of it, caught in small problems and disappointments and frustrations, until  it came surging back. It was as radiant as the rock, and i lay there, listening to the girls trumpeting, and occasionally being handed one of the trumpets so that i could make a loud blast myself, and i half expected to hear a herd of elephants come thundering across the far pastures in answer to our call. And joy is always a promise".

-A Simple Sparrow

Sassy Pants

I spent the morning working on our chickens coop, fixing our makeshift door and putting chicken wire on the roof. All the while my sweet ladies clucked and got underfoot. All six of the babies are now laying. I officially have more eggs than i know what to do with. 


I love how curious they are, hard to believe only a few short months ago i would sit and cuddle them as cute fluffy chicks on my couch.


With the weather getting colder and a nip in the air, i have really enjoyed working in my backyard, tidying up and such. 

We are severely lacking in the garden and yard tools area, slowly bit by bit we find what we need at yard sales and craigslist. 

I love spending my time talking to the girls and watching them run and flap through the yard. 

The five of us are flying to Arizona on Sunday to attend R.'s Fathers memorial. He passed away on the same day my Brother Joey passed away on 7 years ago. 

Raymond Korv was 94 and lived a long life. i will miss hearing his stories of when he was a guard at the Nuremberg Trials during WWII. Im so thankful he taught me how to make the best chicken and dumpling soup this side of the Mississippi. I am praying my Mother in Law has his Apple bar recipe written down somewhere, if not i am going to try and find one close to it and make it in memory of him.  

I didn't always get along with my Father in-law and we had our disagreements, He was an interesting man and had a quirky sense of humor that must come from him growing up in Estonia but i am so thankful to him for Fathering such an amazing man as my Husband. I am proud to carry the name of Korv and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

I am glad we are going to be able to help my Mother in-law out and spend some time with her, i know this is a hard season for her, but i know its been hard on her caring for him the last few years. 

I am so thankful to my parents for paying for our airfare to AZ, otherwise only R. would have been able to make it. This has been a hard few weeks, on all of us. This is my children's first Grandparent to pass away, my Grandma passing when i was 15 was one of the hardest moments of my life.  

Thank you to everyone who has called, prayed, brought flowers, and been there for us. without you we would be lost. thank you

A Simple Sparrow

Favorite time of year

Has it finally arrived? The crisp cool weather of fall. We have been having rain which we needed desperately, it has been an extremely dry summer. i have lived in Eugene nearly 2 years and still love the rainy overcast days. Not sure if I will ever tire of them. 

My shcedule is on the brink of being pretty much set for me with not a lot of free time. The 3 amegos will be starting school next week, this is a hard transition for me, I see all over social media parents excited that summer is over I am sad, I am going to miss having them home with me, who am I going to tell all my jokes to? And have make me cups of tea? Haha 

I know this is a good season for us and I look forward to seeing what's in store. 

2 days a week I will be working for my sexy husband at his office. (I have really enjoyed helping him) and 2 days a week I watch a friends little boy (sweet blonde curly headed child I'm always posting photos of on Instagram) your welcome. 

And then comes Friday, Friday's are MINE, ALL mine. My goal is to have coffee dates with friends, sketch dates by myself, and of course work in my shop. The last being the most important.  

The last few days have been utterly blissful  

the damp wet days, overcast, a chill in the air.   pouring cups of tea, sweaters to cuddle in, and books to read. 

Speaking of, my book is calling me. 

 - A Simple Sparrow

A New Start

So excited for the change going on. Thus far in my silversmithing journey I have only had a blog, and my etsy shop. But now I have started to build myself a brand new website. I have to admit it AMAZING! I'm so thrilled. 

i am also going to be re vamping everything regarding my business, my brand, business cards, and all my social media images.  

i am looking forward till the moment I can share it all with you. 


- A Simple Sparrow

Times are a changing

Times Are a Changing...... and not just in the Bob Dylan sort a way :)

I am learning that everyday i wake up, i listen to what the Spirit is telling me and go from there. If you would have told me a year ago, that i would be living in beautiful Eugene OR. i would have first been ecstatic, but then doubtful.

When i look back over the last couple of years i can see Gods hand over our lives, directing our paths.

So here we are in Eugene, June makes EIGHT months...Crazy

We were homeschooling when we arrived here, but felt after Christmas break that it would be best to enroll the 3 in Public School. 1. they needed to make some friends & 2. all of us were dealing with some crazy emotions from moving and thought we all needed some structure in our lives.

But here we are nearly 8 months later, and i feel God has laid on my heart to homeschool them again.

We are here to do what God wants us to, and i feel there are multiple things that we are being held back from doing because the kids are in PS.

I've been praying and talking with Rudy, as well as the kids about the pro's and con's.

I am feeling good about this, even though there are going to be difficulties, namely that we are living in a 2 bedroom house and Rudy works from home. So we will have to organize a system unless God wants to bless us with a bigger house. Either way i know we can do this.

Walking in Faith can be scary at times, but it brings such freedom and joy as well.

So please be praying for us as we begin this adventure.


kick in the pants

Over the last few days, I've been feeling mopey and down in the dumps. I guess for no particular reason, or maybe a compound of a lot of reasons. I also pulled a muscle in the lower back yesterday from walking on the uneven snow. Being in pain makes me a big giant grump. :(

After the kids were in bed, Rudy was at an open mic, and i was left to myself i decided a scalding bath was in order. I popped 2 excedrine, lit a candle, and grabbed my go to book for some light reading.

Glimpses Of Grace

Madeleine L'Engle touches me deep in my soul every time i pick up one of her books

Last night was no exception.

Love Lessons - September 25th

I know that when i am most monstrous, I am most in need of love. When my temper flares out of bounds it is usually set off by something unimportant which is on top of a series of events over which i have no control, which have made me helpless, and thus caused me anguish and frustration. I am not lovable when i am enraged, although it is when i most need love. One of our children when he was two or three years old used to rush at me when he had been naughty, and beat against me, and what he wanted by this monstrous behavior was an affirmation of love. And i would put my arms around him and hold him very tight until the dragon was gone and the loving small boy had returned. So God does with me. I strike against him in pain and fear and he holds me under the shadow of his wings. Sometimes he appears to me to be so unreasonable that i think i cannot live with him, but i know that i cannot live without him, He is my lover, father, mother, sister, brother, friend, paramour, companion, my love, my all.

I needed more than anything to read this when i did, to know i am not alone. I am loved. To know that God wraps his loving arms around me even when i am being monstrous and unloveable. HE loves me.

Itty Bitty Owls

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland here in Beautiful Eugene Oregon, I have been loving the snow. Enjoying it from the comfort of my living room couch, snuggled with a cup of coffee.





Another reason I'm excited for the snow is for the second time since i can remember i have had snow for BIRTHDAY!!! The first time, was for my 15th birthday when i was visiting my Grandpa Patterson.
I am going to be 33 years old tomorrow, I'm one of those girls, no matter my age i get very excited for my birthday. i love to be celebrated, i love breakfast in bed, sweet cards from my kids and husband. i love PRESENTS!!!

So in honor of my birthday and just because i want to, i am having another GIVEAWAY!!!


These two sweet little guys are up for grabs, now heres what i want to do,

To enter you have to find yourself a friend to enter with you.

You leave a post with your friends name, and your friend does the same, with Your name. I will randomly draw a name, This way there will be TWO winners, YOU and YOUR friend.


GIVEAWAY will be open until Sunday night. and i will announce the winners Monday morning.


Good luck to you all, & may the odds be ever in your favor!

A Simple Sparrow



Bright and early this morning, ok well 9am my time, i checked the status of comments on the blog and there was TWENTY comments, all of which was delightful to read. All of you ladies have such amazing dreams and desires, and i know one day you will accomplish each and every one.

SO i put all the numbers in a random number generator and out popped NUMBER NINE!!!!!

Her dream is this, such an amazing one at that. Lord knows there is a need for this. I pray that someday soon this dream comes to pass.

My dream is to work with 18 year old foster children who are booted out of the system without the necessary life skills to make it. Perhaps set up a foundation if the universe conspires to make it possible. :D

(Beverly dear, please email me at with your address, and i will get your prize out to you as soon as possible)

Thank you all for joining in on this giveaway, i appreciate you all, stay tuned in February i will be having another giveaway!!!

Happy Dreaming!!!

I am sitting here watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,the old version with my kids which i think is the absolute best.

Something stirred in my heart, making me want to have my own little giveaway. To show my appreciation to all my friends and family who have supported me in my art.

Image 21

This lovely little pendant is whats up for grabs

Egyptian Princess Pendant

(Chain not included)


All you must do to be entered is to comment on THIS blog post. all my posts go to twitter and Facebook, please don't comment on either of those, ONLY on the blog.

In your post please share one of your most fantastic dreams you have that you would like to accomplish before you die, maybe you wish to backpack through Europe, skydive, eat octopus or even something as simple as knit a sweater.

The Giveaway will end January 25th at midnight, i will randomly draw a name out of a hat from all the comments to choose the winner and announce it Sunday morning January 26th.

GOOD LUCK my little chickadees!!!

I look forward to reading all your posts.

A Simple Sparrow

A New Start

With the way 2013 ended up, i am beginning the year 2014knowing that every step i take, i need to pray, seek God and keep an open mind.

Last March we made the decision to pull our three littles out of Public School 
to begin the journey of Homeschooling.
We have loved every minute of the nearly year that we did that. 
The other day i read in my journal from around that time, my thoughts were wondering 
if the reason i felt so strongly to pull them out, was the beginning of us breaking away from Lake Havasu.
Every time i would ask the kids if they would ever want to move, they said no, because of
friends at school. Fast forward to July 2013, when we talked to the kids about
moving to Oregon, all three thought it was wonderful. The decisions
we make, we have no idea what they hold for our future. But i love
looking back and seeing how God's plan has unfolded.

So here we are, we have stepped out into unknown territory, following what
we believe God led our family to do. No friends, No family. 
Living in a small COZY 2 bedroom house, Rudy doing is absolute best
to work to provide for our family, as i do my darndest
to teach our children, and keep them quiet in the house. And lets me honest
with ourselves, there are just so many hours you can spend at the library per week.

We began to pray, seek God in what He wanted for our family, what was best for US.

We both felt led that we needed to find a school for them to attend.
I firmly believe homeschooling is the BEST way to learn, i love having my children home,
but at this time in our lives, for a season if you will PS is what we needed to do.

For the remainder of this school year they will be attending Caesar Chavez Elementary, and 
in March i will be putting their names into the lottery for a school called 'Family School' which is 
a smaller charter school. 
But for now where they are i am pleased with it, the staff is helpful, the teachers are 
great, and the other students were very welcoming to all three kids.

I must admit i was near to tears when i walked out of the school, but
i know they will be fine. This afternoon they were all smiles.

(Ian did get in trouble for talking to much during class, but he was excited and had made 
new friends) the teacher was really nice about it, and understood there would be an adjustment from
coming into a PS setting after being HS. 

My goals for while they are in school are to get my acetylene tank fixed so
i can begin building my inventory for the upcoming Saturday Markets that start back
up in April. i feel very confidant that my jewelry will sell very well, i just need to 
get more made :)

I so appreciate all my dear friends who have kept us in your prayers.
Please continue to do so, we are believing Rudy will find a job soon,
and that we learn more of why God wanted us here.

toddles my chickadees

Winter Wonderland

This morning we woke up to the most amazing sight I've seen in my whole life.


yesterday no snow, today snow everywhere!!!!

In all my 32 years of living, i have never woken up to fresh snow, i feel so blessed.


Plus its this cute kids birthday today.

How can my baby already be EIGHT years old.

This kid amazes me, we have spent alot time together him and i.

We had 2 whole years together while the other 2 were in school.

We spent many a day playing Trouble, Candy Land, & Connect Four.

He is such a joy to be around, he makes laugh, he makes me smile

He has a tender heart, and loves to do things to show me he loves me.

When he paints or draws he makes flowers & gardens.

When we told him we were moving to Oregon,

he told me the first thing he wanted to do was plant a flower garden.

He looks alot like me when i was little.

I love this kid with ALL my heart.

I look forward to seeing what of man he grows to become.



The view from our street



We spent alot of the day walking around town



Daddy & the Birthday boy


I need new shoes, i slipped so many times


Enjoying the snow with my Love


Three snow Angels


Its so pretty


They enjoyed the day so much

My heart is so full of joy living here

I am so thankful for my family, getting a chance to become closer to each other.

I pray that God gives me the wisdom to raise my children to be godly men and woman,

full of love for each other and people around them.

Oregon Bound - Part 2

I will pick up our story as we arrive in Eugene.

Its dark, cold and rainy. It was a rough couple of days, searching for a house, dealing with the kids being crazy and staying in Motel 6 tiny little rooms.

We looked for 3 days straight for a house, all the ones we had seen online were already taken, or were not available till a couple weeks. we also ran into houses costing much more than we anticipated. We did find a few apartments that were cheeper, but were also not in good areas of town, or were really small.

One house we found was perfect, so we thought, only a 2 bedroom, but was roomy. We went to fill out applications, but the rental company would not rent to us, cause they wouldn't allow more than 2 people per bedroom.  It was pretty crushing, but i kept telling myself and Rudy that God had a plan, that we needed to trust him. After the 4th day, we went back to one of the very first houses we looked at, but passed cause it was more than we wanted to pay per month. We called to meet with the landlady who is the cutest 90 year old lady. Long story short, the house was ours.



1412 Jefferson street 

Home Sweet Home



Mint growing wild



I absolutely adore my cute little house, its on the smaller side, only a 2 bedroom, but the master bedroom is pretty good size, so the kids share that one. Bonus is the second bedroom has a bigger closet :) score for mama.



My kitchen reminds me of my Great Grandma Berry's house in Oklahoma, i love older homes like these, yes they have their little quarks, but i love it. Since this photo i have gotten the cutest old formica table. Still in need of 2 more chairs though, and Rudy an office chair. He's been using of of our kitchen chairs at his desk.



We are slowly working on decorating and unpacking. its a work in progress. One downfall to selling most of your belongings, is replacing everything :)

After 2 weeks, i was able to find bunk beds for the boys, but we are still in need of a box spring for Adia's twin bed.

As i get more settled i will post more photos.




We have a beautiful big backyard for the kids to play in, walking distance to the public library, cute little hippie market thats been around since the 70's, and the best fish and chips shop this side of texas. :)




The kids haven been enjoying the leaves everywhere






The sidewalk in front of our house.



These have been some of our highlights thus far



Kombucha is sold EVERYWHERE!!!!!

I love it!



Yummy donut shop, very funky and strange. They sell donuts with fruit loops on them. haha and no we did not eat those, but rudy did try the bacon maple.



Awesome downtown art



Eugene Library is the COOLEST library EVER!!!!

We spend alot of time there, so rudy can have quiet at the house to work and make his family money. He's such a good Daddy.



Ian has thoroughly enjoyed the snails, this particular one he carried in his hand for 3 days straight, before he met his early demise. RIP Bob.



Something small that i love, is Eugene passed a law that no store can use plastic bags, and if you forget your re-usable bag you can pay 5cents per paper bag. I think this is awesome, being the reduce, reuse before you recycle kinda gal.




Thus far we are loving every minute of living in Eugene Oregon.

Stayed tune for more adventures in the lives of the Korv's

Oregon Bound - Part 1

The Korv's family Adventure began October 31st, 2013

It was an exhausting last few days in Lake Havasu, getting our house cleaned and the truck packed.


We packed that truck so full, we even packed my sweet Matilda.

We set off on our grand adventure to Oregon, full of hope for what God had in store.


We set out Rudy in the moving truck with Adia, and me in the car with the boys


My view for the next 3 days


its getting a bit greener. Made it to California!


I cant remember the town we stayed in the 1st night, i know it was near Bravo Farms, which we got to till to late to show the kids, i was pretty upset about that, its the coolest place ever with this amazing 4 story tree house.

The 2nd night we stayed in Redding California


the Fam goofing off on the Sun Dial bridge



Northern California is amazingly stunning. I absolutely loved the drive through there.


having fun




Pretty sure this photo was in Oregon, but possibly could have been at the tip top of California, isn't it pretty?

So after 3 days of driving we finally made it to Eugene Oregon

but our adventure wasn't over yet, it had just begun.

Where the wild things are


A good friend of mine had a necklace someone dear to her gave her years ago. Made with a piece of man made Druzy , It was wire wrapped quite simply, nothing fancy. She asked me to set it in silver. Besides the silver this piece has no worldly value. But taking something that means the world to you and setting it in a permanent beautiful pendant adds value and keeps it close to your heart.


I love how it turned out


I hope she likes it