Those Rotten M&M's

Ok so for the last year i have been working closer and closer to eating 100% natural

at times we fall off the band wagon, but for the most part we have done really well.

I am super proud of my husband who has pretty much grown up eating junk food, to now when we are in the store,

and we are picking out pasta, he automatically reaches for the whole Wheat.

In one area of our eating that i have drastically changed is the candy consumption.

And when i say changed i mean, completely put a STOP to it.

So this morning at church someone had M&M's and offered some to the 3. they had been pretty good so i allowed it.

Wow big mistake!

They were bouncing off the walls all afternoon, I cant pin point their behavior solely on the M&M's

but holy crap they were crazy! more so than usual

Rudy thinks I'm crazy, but i swear it was the candy.