Today i found the most amazing pin on Pinterest.

let me stop right there, Isn't Pinterest the most AMAZING place in internet  land?

Never have i wanted to create more things that since i found Pinterest.

SO i must confess i wish i would have thought of this myself but alas i did not.

But i will be happy anyways.


How cool is that? Before i whipped up a few jars of these for my pantry

i wanted to make sure they tasted good, so i made a double batch of these in my super big cast iron skillet.

Also theres a recipe for Brownie Mix, i did not take a photo of the mix i made. But i made a batch of those too.

Both turned out great. I ended up making a double batch of Jiffy Mix in a jar and a single. As well as a double batch of brownie mix in a jar. On both i used my cool little label maker. ( How fun are label makers?)

I am slowly building my pantry up, i cannot wait for the day when i open the cupboard and see a packed full pantry.

Tomorrow i am trying my hand at making grape jelly. (Another pin on Pinterest i saw)

I will update how it turns out.

I am super excited

Adiu my little chickadees