A Busy day in the kitchen

This afternoon i felt the urge to do a little creative baking so i busted out

some home made granola that i found on the 100 days of real food lady website

I tried this last year, but i made the mistake of using wax paper, instead of parchment paper. If you did not ever know there is a difference  like i did, believe me, there IS a huge difference. The wax paper stuck to the bottom of my granola. We attempted to eat as much as we could around the wax paper. but i ended up throwing it away. SO this batch i made sure i had parchment paper.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Go make some yourselves


For dinner i made one of my favorite meals

BBQ Chicken Pizza

In all its delectable glory

I grilled 4 or 5 chicken breast, then chopped them up, flopped them in a giant ziplock and dumped a bunch of our favorite BBQ sauce, the name i cant recall at this moment. then i spread it all over my lovely  rolled out pizza crust, sprinkle then i sprinkled sharp cheddar cheese over the top, bake at 400 degrees for roughly about 15-20 mins. ( i am the worlds worst timer, i set my timer, but really just to remind me i have something in the oven.)

This is a meal that the WHOLE family enjoys

once again i got the CRUST recipe from my favorite lady over at 100 days of real food.

If you havent already checked out her website you NEED to, she ROCKS

Heres the crust recipe, SO easy and SO good whole wheat pizza crust

Later this evening my bff came over with her minions, so the total of minons in the house was 5

Our 4 boys are in heaven cause they recently got Bey Blades...pretty much a glorified top, they are all in the play room blading it up.

While they did that, i made Almond Butter!!!


I have never eaten Almond Butter before, But i am SURE i will love it.

I am so having toast with Almond Butter for breakfast in the morning.

Well sorry for such a long post today, but i wanted to get it all in.

Have a fabulous evening my little chickadees