One Week Down

We have officially got through the first week of school, by the skin of our teeth.

I only missed 1 day out of the five

Here are Four days of lunches.

All the items i use in my children's lunches are High Fructose Corn Syrup FREE!!,

and for the most part Preservative FREE

This is VERY important to me, to make healthy and creative lunches for them

Lunch #1

1/2 cheese & Mayo sandwich on flat bread

Turkey kielbasa 

Orange Slices

Celery/Carrots/Broccoli With Organic Ranch


Lunch #2

HomeMade Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich on flatbread

Carrot Sticks

Orange Slices

String Cheese


Lunch #3

1 Wholewheat Pita Pocket

1 Slice of cheddar cheese


Grilled cubed chicken

Carrot Sticks

String Cheese

Lunch #4

Left Over 13 Bean Soup



Fruit Salad

Fruit Strip

Please keep in mind all the lunches i make have some slight variation depending on which child it belongs to.

Lennon doesn't like peanut butter or almond butter, so if the other 2 have one of those items, i make him something different. So instead of posting all the variations, i went with 1 of each.

This week they have just had water with their lunches. I haven't decided if i will send anything else but water. Maybe if i make a trip to Costco i will see about getting single serving almond milks, since we no longer drink milk.

or maybe send sun tea with them. Im still on the look out for suitable re-usable drink canisters. Right now we are using the glass apple juice containers i saved.

Next week i am hoping to order thei