Another Week has come and gone...Has everyone survived? 

We took a day trip to Vegas on Saturday to do a little shopping at WholeFoods. (Please Lake Havasu we need a natural grocery store.)

Of course we made a stop at Guitar Center, and Fashion Square Mall. A very full and tiring day.

So here they are folks, last weeks lunches i sent with my 3 amigos 

My photos got all jumbled, the days are not in the order that they had them. So if you were wondering why they had pitas 3 days in a row, it really was broken up.

1 wholewheat pita


leftover steak

Orange slices

pretzel sticks

go go squeeze apple sauce

WholeWheat pita

Deli Ham

Cherry Tomatoes

Cut Cantaloupe 

Go - go squeeze applesauce

Chocolate Almond milk (this is a rare occasion, they usually get water)

wholewheat pita

leftover steak

hard boiled egg

cantaloupe and watermelon

go go squeeze applesauce

Salad with tomatoes & Organic Ranch

Grapes and Plums

1/2 a wholewheat tortilla

Kids cliff granola bar

(Adia took Banana chips as well)

Ham & cheese sandwich on wholewheat bread

Apples and watermelon

Pudding cup (this is a once in a lifetime. Rudy bought them for them) i was thoroughly appalled 

There ya go, another week come and gone.

Lunch Tips:

I always try to make extra at dinner the night before to use in the kids lunches