Thoughts on Heritage

Over the last few days i have being mulling over what my Generational Blessings are. I am quite familiar  with what my generational curses are, those are not hard to miss. But what has my family fought for so i can reap the blessings.

I had the chance to chat with my Auntie Lynn tonight, she was able to make a few things clear for me, about my family. My Grandma Elva Francine Patterson got her Masters Degree in English when she was in her 50's. She was an amazing woman. She also minored in German. As i sit in my English class, i connect with this, that i have a heritage in this area. I WILL become a great writer. I also find it fascinating how these things are passed down, without me even remembering that this is what my Grandma's focus was in her schooling, i began my schooling with the same purpose. I see myself beginning to write short stories, and Poetry, and maybe even becoming a teacher in some fashion. 

To think what my Grandma had to persevere to accomplish such a great feat as her Masters Degree! WOW.

I hope she is looking down from heaven cheering me on.  Also thank you Lynn for encouraging me in my dreams and desires. i also enjoy talking with you. 

This little birdie needs to tuck herself into her nest.

Nighty night chickadees