Another Week of Lunches

I hope you all have been enjoying my posts of my children's school lunches

Heres another week for you!

Cheese Tortalini ( i have no idea how to spell that) with sauce

a slice of bread


In the pouch are Almonds, for either lunch or a snack

(Sorry this image came out fuzzy)

Spinach Rigatoni with Turkey pasta sauce

Slice of bread


Peanut Butter Or Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

leftover Annie's White cheese Shells

Apple Pear 

This was Lennon's Lunch when the other two had sandwiches

(he is anti sandwiches)

Leaf lettuce salad

Carrot sticks & cauliflower

Left over Annie's White cheese Shells

Ranch for salad


Salad with Ranch

Carrot sticks

Spinach pasta with turkey pasta sauce

The kids new lunch boxes came this week, i was super excited to start using them

And heres some drink containers i picked up tonight at Smiths in the 1/2 price isle, they will fit perfect in their bags in the standing position.

So pretty!

Well there you have it.

Does anyone have any questions or comments about any of the lunches? I would love to hear what you think. Also any pointers for new food ideas would be great.

Nighty night Chickadees