This past week i was feeling down and out, I had the feelings of what in the world am i even doing!

the reason for these feelings, i got my grade from my 1st english paper. a C!!!!

I was shocked and ashamed.

I am not going back to school, to just get by, i want to succeed.

After class Wednesday i talked with my teacher and was able to see why he graded it thus.

I felt alot better, my issues we're all based on the structure of my essay, not the content.

This was a HUGE load off my shoulders. When a person is going for a degree in English, and gets a grade like that, you start to question what is the point.

I went home and re-did my paper, then had the chance to go sit down with my teacher and go over it with him. WOW he is such a great teacher, i really enjoyed sitting and talking with him, we talked about the power of our words, generational blessings & curses, & creativity.  English teachers, make you think, question, & ponder all sorts of things.

I am feeling much more confidant in the place i am,