October Chimes

It has been awhile my lovelies, since i blogged last.

I feel like a chicken with her head cut off and my body is running around in circles. I have come to the conclusion, a sane Mother would not have attempted to take collage algebra while she still had kids at home. Why oh Why did i not go to collage when i was young? Its really not SO bad, but i will admit it is extremely hard to juggle a family and school. I sure know my husband liked me better when i wasnt taking math. Math brings out a side of Jacci no one would like to see....hehe

Well a couple week ago, i had vision of sugar plumes dancing in my head, and these sweet ditties is what came of that

They are light and free, and blow in the breeze

I feel like the sun goddess when i wear them.

100% handcrafted by yours truly

Made with love from me to you

They are in the shop NOW