I feel so accomplished today...i woke up fairly early for a Saturday morning, put a pot of coffee on and started working on cleaning up the pit i call a garage. I filled the van up with at least 8 bags and a couple boxes. I got rid of at least 3 bags of material, i keep thinking i will do some sewing but never do so i only kept what i really need. I must say it looks fabulous. And when we get the wall put up to divide my studio it will really look amazing. On my way back from the grocery store, i stopped by a yard sale and picked up a portable swamp cooler for $15 NICE!  not that its hot in the garage anymore, but next summer i will be set.

This band has been my lifeline lately...cant get enough

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6e5wxzPsQM]