11 Years and Counting

Today my Husband and i celebrated our 11th Anniversary. It was a fabulous day, church, then we went to parker to visit two of my oldest friends, whom i haven't seen in just over a year. We had a lovely lunch down by the river. After biking to the grocery store for some groceries for the next day or so, i decided to pop into the studio, i was feeling creative and had some time to work without interruption.

I finally finished working on a ring a lady at church wanted. She had a brooch from the late 1800's that she wanted the stone made into a ring. and this was the result.




I absolutely LOVE the way this one turned out, the weight of it on my hand, the contrast of color is breathtaking.


Tonight i whipped up a little beauty, using a stone i cut myself in my lapidary class. I am unsure of what the stone is, i do know it came from parker. I love Blue stones, something about them , i am drawn to them. Maybe because of all the things the color represents. Peace, tranquillity, water, and so on.



Peace like a river

stamped on the inside of the band

peace like a river

This ring is composed of 20 gage sterling silver

stamped on the back is my initials and on the band is my makers mark so you know this is one of a kind

straight from my heart to yours.

It measures at about 8.5, but fits more like an 8 or 8.25

will be in my shop later tomorrow

A Simple Sparrow