At Last

This morning was my first morning that i am free from classes, what a liberating feeling it is. Going to school has been one of the hardest decisions i have made. But i have finally finished my first year. sigh of relief.

Many times over the course of this year i have wanted to give up, throw in the towel and call it quits. i am sure i will think those same thoughts many times over before i complete my AA.

So today i decided i was going to work in my shop ALL day...haha, well that didnt happen, oh well.

My good friend Christina text me bright and early to see what i was up to, and how could i resist a morning of baking biscuits and drinking coffee with a friend.

I finally made it into my shop around noon, and finished up a necklace that i all but destroyed last week, i really thought it was doomed and might have to be scrapped, but my silversmith teacher Mark saved it from its untimely death. I chipped the stone while i was setting it. a stone i cut and polished myself. But all is well again, smoothed and fixed.

It will be up for grabs in my shop later today or tomorrow.

My day has flown by at an incredible speed, i wish it would slow down and let me enjoy every minute but alas it is already time for me to go pick up the kiddos from school.

My tea sipping was so short lived, until we meet again