The Korv's Grand Adventure

LIke i said awhile back Rudolf and i decided to pull the kids out of the public school they have been attending since Adia Started Kindergarten. This was a HUGE life change for us. Our plan was to wait till they got out for summer, and begin in August. In January right before i started my collage classes, i felt maybe i should take them out early, and myself not take classes this semester, but i chalked it up to me being excited to start, and i just needed to hold off. Last week during a worship conferance at church i felt the need to talk with Rudolf about taking the kids now, spring break is coming up, so they would finish this then and not go back. When i told him, his response was 'lets ask the kids' it was unanimous  'YES'

So here we are, 1 more week left. I am a tad nervous, but yet very excited.

I have been pinning on pinterest like a mad woman, tomorrow i am going to a friends to snoop through her homeschooling books, and need to make a trip to Parker to go through my Mom's and Sisters books as well.

I am not really sure how i should start

  • Should i just start in the next grade they were going into?
  • Take it easy the next couple months, then start?
  • Should i go along with public schools calendar, or wing it?

PLUS we need to get the kids their own computer, i really want to get an older iMac since all we have are macs, and i need to get the dining room turned into a school room.

AAAAHHH so much to do, not enough money or time.

The one thing i DO know, this is what God wants us to do, so all will work out fine.

I feel we are going to appreciate being able to be with our kids, teaching them, and seeing them grow into mighty men and woman of God.

If ya think about it, shoot some prayers our way, for wisdom and financial needs.