Capri Sun Reusable Bags

A few months back while in Vegas at a WholeFoods, a lady who worked there complimented me on my Capri Sun reusable grocery bag. She told me i needed to sell them at farmers markets. 


I placed the box of tea so you can see how big the bag is.

After months and months i finally finished 3 of them, 2 large and 1 small lunch bag

One of them, i am saving to take to 'Kashi' the lady at wholefoods as a gift, I wanted to mail her one, i even called wholefoods to talk to her, she told me she would rather thank me in person so next time i was there bring it with me. It has been like 6 months, hopefully we can make a trip soon.



The new feature i added, is an inner pocket for smaller items.


I also added my 'A Simple Sparrow' labels to show they are 100% handmade with love by ME!


Kool-Aid Jammers bag, made with Love for Kashi

Mini Lunch Bag


Mini Lunch bag, or purse or whatever you would like it to be bag





Large Capri Sun bag $15

Mini Lunch Bag $10


To order please contact me through my blog, or email me at