I can now see why, people have to set schedules to blog, months can go by and i completely forget to even think about my blog.

How shameful I know, I do plan on seeking a solution for this problem.

A few new things have happened since my last blog.

Firstly we (my family and I) went and safely returned from our very first family vacation, through Colorado, to Nebraska. For whoever follows me on twitter, instagram, or Facebook im sure you could tell we had more than a good time. It was a much-needed rest, recharge, and time away.

Secondly i have decided to add a little something new to my Etsy shop. A Vintage section!

I love old things, items with a past, a history, We went to an antique store in Wisner Nebraska where my R. bought me a lovely set of card catalogues.


  Are they not just amazing? there is 3 separate pieces so I have one on my kitchen counter and 2 in my living room. So far all I have stored in them are rubber bands from my morning newspapers, and sticks of incense. Very worthy items for sure.

Walking though this amazing store in Wisner made me want to start collecting these wonderful items, rich in history and stories.

I am very limited in space in my house, so there is no way i can collect that much, so instead i want to collect and share with all of you the beauties I find, so you can enjoy them with me.

My first darling piece was just added to my shop HERE


Can you imagine what amazing story this darling bowl has. What home did she come from? What table did she set on holding buttered broccoli for dinner? What it a rich home where pieces like this were everywhere? or a modest home where she was the treasured dish brought out only for special occasions?

What stories she holds from the past, waiting for You to make more for her future.

I look forward to what else finds its way to my hands to share with you.

Well my chickadees, I am melting here in my shop (please pray I find a window unit CHEAP soon) so I will close for now, but I promise it will not be months until i post again.

Excited new things coming to A Simple Sparrow

Stay tuned