Today is the 1st day of school for the public schools here in town. It also marks the 1st time my children did not start school in the public school system. We are one week into our school year. I have chosen a new approach for my children schooling this year. I am going more of an un-schooling method of teaching.

I gave the children the option of what they wanted to learn. I was very impressed that all 3 chose to do math, Adia and Lennon are using teaching textbooks on the computer and they love it.

Adia is my schedule child, and has made up her own school schedule. she is doing a vocabulary book, spelling, journaling, reading, english , &  a cursive book. She is such a cute kid.

Lennon is researching greek mythology, roman times, assorted animals, building with legos,  and reading.

Ian is researching animals, doing art, building legos, & being a 7 year old boy.

Along with that, we are reading together, watching documentaries, (I have learned some crazy stuff about squids) and learning together as a family.

I think some of the most important things children can learn, are how to take care of their home, i.e. loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floors, cleaning their rooms, shopping for groceries, cooking, taking care of their animals, being responsible for money they earn. Life if full of learning, we just have to step outside the box.


Im off to go play scrabble....:)