Zero Waste Home

For awhile now i have been feeling the need to purge my home from all the clutter that surrounds me atevery turn, i feel trapped by it. I am a packrat by nature, and love to hold on to little sentimental items 
such as papers with handwriting from past boys i liked, my stack of Uno cards i played with sisters and 
friends for hours and hours. i have a whole cedar chest full of bits & pieces of stuff if someone were to 
open it and look through it, they would say, light a match and burn the whole lot. :)

Besides all those mementos, the rest of my house has been in need of major de cluttering. Slowly over the
last few months to a year, i have been going through books, and clothes, and kitchen stuff.
Downsizing, trying to live a more simpler life
Can you imagine a day when you dont have to really tidy up your living room cause all you have in there are the basics you need, no clutter at all?
Or your children's bedrooms, the basics! the bare necessities of clothes to get by, a few toys, and a bed. maybe a small box where they can keep their treasures. 
This is the life i want, stress free, clutter free. 

The last month i have been selling, organizing, and sifting through what i though were important 
to me. 
Really ask yourself that question 'Is this (?) important to me? I have used or needed it in the last
6 months? If the answer is no or maybe...sell it, donate it, toss it.

Theres a great book out, that i have read the lady's blog, i have yet to see it for sale
here, i know it is in other states.
its called 'ZERO WASTE HOME'

This lady takes de-cluttering to a whole new level

Zero Waste Home jacket
Check her blog out here

I am not sure if i will ever go as far as she has, but she is quite the inspiration to say
the least. 
As for me i am onward in my march towards being clutter free!
Wish me Luck