A New Start

With the way 2013 ended up, i am beginning the year 2014knowing that every step i take, i need to pray, seek God and keep an open mind.

Last March we made the decision to pull our three littles out of Public School 
to begin the journey of Homeschooling.
We have loved every minute of the nearly year that we did that. 
The other day i read in my journal from around that time, my thoughts were wondering 
if the reason i felt so strongly to pull them out, was the beginning of us breaking away from Lake Havasu.
Every time i would ask the kids if they would ever want to move, they said no, because of
friends at school. Fast forward to July 2013, when we talked to the kids about
moving to Oregon, all three thought it was wonderful. The decisions
we make, we have no idea what they hold for our future. But i love
looking back and seeing how God's plan has unfolded.

So here we are, we have stepped out into unknown territory, following what
we believe God led our family to do. No friends, No family. 
Living in a small COZY 2 bedroom house, Rudy doing is absolute best
to work to provide for our family, as i do my darndest
to teach our children, and keep them quiet in the house. And lets me honest
with ourselves, there are just so many hours you can spend at the library per week.

We began to pray, seek God in what He wanted for our family, what was best for US.

We both felt led that we needed to find a school for them to attend.
I firmly believe homeschooling is the BEST way to learn, i love having my children home,
but at this time in our lives, for a season if you will PS is what we needed to do.

For the remainder of this school year they will be attending Caesar Chavez Elementary, and 
in March i will be putting their names into the lottery for a school called 'Family School' which is 
a smaller charter school. 
But for now where they are i am pleased with it, the staff is helpful, the teachers are 
great, and the other students were very welcoming to all three kids.

I must admit i was near to tears when i walked out of the school, but
i know they will be fine. This afternoon they were all smiles.

(Ian did get in trouble for talking to much during class, but he was excited and had made 
new friends) the teacher was really nice about it, and understood there would be an adjustment from
coming into a PS setting after being HS. 

My goals for while they are in school are to get my acetylene tank fixed so
i can begin building my inventory for the upcoming Saturday Markets that start back
up in April. i feel very confidant that my jewelry will sell very well, i just need to 
get more made :)

I so appreciate all my dear friends who have kept us in your prayers.
Please continue to do so, we are believing Rudy will find a job soon,
and that we learn more of why God wanted us here.

toddles my chickadees