Times are a changing

Times Are a Changing...... and not just in the Bob Dylan sort a way :)

I am learning that everyday i wake up, i listen to what the Spirit is telling me and go from there. If you would have told me a year ago, that i would be living in beautiful Eugene OR. i would have first been ecstatic, but then doubtful.

When i look back over the last couple of years i can see Gods hand over our lives, directing our paths.

So here we are in Eugene, June makes EIGHT months...Crazy

We were homeschooling when we arrived here, but felt after Christmas break that it would be best to enroll the 3 in Public School. 1. they needed to make some friends & 2. all of us were dealing with some crazy emotions from moving and thought we all needed some structure in our lives.

But here we are nearly 8 months later, and i feel God has laid on my heart to homeschool them again.

We are here to do what God wants us to, and i feel there are multiple things that we are being held back from doing because the kids are in PS.

I've been praying and talking with Rudy, as well as the kids about the pro's and con's.

I am feeling good about this, even though there are going to be difficulties, namely that we are living in a 2 bedroom house and Rudy works from home. So we will have to organize a system unless God wants to bless us with a bigger house. Either way i know we can do this.

Walking in Faith can be scary at times, but it brings such freedom and joy as well.

So please be praying for us as we begin this adventure.