Falling into place

October is in full swing, the leaves are falling there is a chill in the air & the hope of sweaters and scarves is on the horizen.

At the end of September the Korv family flew to Arizona the birthplace of my husband and all three of my children, to attend the funeral of R.'s Father. It was a sad time, but also a fun time for our children to play and be with their Cousins, Aunts & Uncles. After a week and a half of 110 degree weather i was very ready to get home to Eugene. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Not that i doubt that Eugene is home to me, but its nice to leave and on return feel that overwhelming sense of THIS IS HOME pounding in my heart. at least once a week out of the blue i say to R. 'Thank you for bringing us to Oregon' Im forever thankful and grateful. 

The children are back in school, settling into their routine, getting all their back homework done. I am still finding pros and cons to the 3 being in public school, for this year we will stick with it, but praying for what Gods will for our family is next year. 

As for me i am settling into my routine of working for R. and babysitting 2 of the cutest 2 year olds this side of Texas. Those two days i am home with them have been really good for me, i don't do well when i am away from my home to many days in a row, so having these set days to be home, and do the housework i need to get done, and the opportunity to putter around my house does my soul good.

i am going to leave you with an excerpt from my favorite book 'Glimpses of Grace' by Madeleine L'Engle

June 13 - Madeleine is with Dana and Margie, two of their "summer children." They had attended a carnival with Hugh and had brought home enormous trumpets.

"Sunday evening was clear and luminous so we went to the star-watching rock and welcomed the arrival of each star with a blast of trumpet. We lay there, in an odd assortment of coats; I had on an embroidered coat a friend had bought in Dubrovnik; the two girls had on ancient fur coats; and we were covered with blankets. We needed them, even though the rock itself still held the warmth of the sun, our own star, and radiated a gentle heat to us as we lay there and watched the sky, blowing the trumpets and sharing a can of insect repellent and listening to the crickets and the katydids and trying to identify the other night singers, and then out singing them with all the nursery rhymes and songs and hymns we could think of which had stars and alleluias in them. And i was totally back in joy. I didn't realize i had been out of it, caught in small problems and disappointments and frustrations, until  it came surging back. It was as radiant as the rock, and i lay there, listening to the girls trumpeting, and occasionally being handed one of the trumpets so that i could make a loud blast myself, and i half expected to hear a herd of elephants come thundering across the far pastures in answer to our call. And joy is always a promise".

-A Simple Sparrow