I am so thankful for friends and a husband that support me and encourage me in my dreams, even when i get distracted and procrastinate. 

I feel i went through a slight disconnect after we moved. having such a beautiful work space in AZ all to myself then coming here and not really having a descent place to work was hard on my creativity. I am a slow processor and finally i am  feeling motivation to create. Not only to create jewelry but also to create a happy work environment. I am excited to begin this season.

Its funny, this year i have been striving to make sure i read at least one novel a month, in doing this i feel it inspires me to create, i love how one creative outlet fuels other creative outlets.

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as i begin this season and that i continue to feel motivated and inspired. All of your kind words builds up my confidence like no other. 

-A Simple Sparrow