Sassy Pants

I spent the morning working on our chickens coop, fixing our makeshift door and putting chicken wire on the roof. All the while my sweet ladies clucked and got underfoot. All six of the babies are now laying. I officially have more eggs than i know what to do with. 


I love how curious they are, hard to believe only a few short months ago i would sit and cuddle them as cute fluffy chicks on my couch.


With the weather getting colder and a nip in the air, i have really enjoyed working in my backyard, tidying up and such. 

We are severely lacking in the garden and yard tools area, slowly bit by bit we find what we need at yard sales and craigslist. 

I love spending my time talking to the girls and watching them run and flap through the yard. 

The five of us are flying to Arizona on Sunday to attend R.'s Fathers memorial. He passed away on the same day my Brother Joey passed away on 7 years ago. 

Raymond Korv was 94 and lived a long life. i will miss hearing his stories of when he was a guard at the Nuremberg Trials during WWII. Im so thankful he taught me how to make the best chicken and dumpling soup this side of the Mississippi. I am praying my Mother in Law has his Apple bar recipe written down somewhere, if not i am going to try and find one close to it and make it in memory of him.  

I didn't always get along with my Father in-law and we had our disagreements, He was an interesting man and had a quirky sense of humor that must come from him growing up in Estonia but i am so thankful to him for Fathering such an amazing man as my Husband. I am proud to carry the name of Korv and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

I am glad we are going to be able to help my Mother in-law out and spend some time with her, i know this is a hard season for her, but i know its been hard on her caring for him the last few years. 

I am so thankful to my parents for paying for our airfare to AZ, otherwise only R. would have been able to make it. This has been a hard few weeks, on all of us. This is my children's first Grandparent to pass away, my Grandma passing when i was 15 was one of the hardest moments of my life.  

Thank you to everyone who has called, prayed, brought flowers, and been there for us. without you we would be lost. thank you

A Simple Sparrow