Favorite time of year

Has it finally arrived? The crisp cool weather of fall. We have been having rain which we needed desperately, it has been an extremely dry summer. i have lived in Eugene nearly 2 years and still love the rainy overcast days. Not sure if I will ever tire of them. 

My shcedule is on the brink of being pretty much set for me with not a lot of free time. The 3 amegos will be starting school next week, this is a hard transition for me, I see all over social media parents excited that summer is over I am sad, I am going to miss having them home with me, who am I going to tell all my jokes to? And have make me cups of tea? Haha 

I know this is a good season for us and I look forward to seeing what's in store. 

2 days a week I will be working for my sexy husband at his office. (I have really enjoyed helping him) and 2 days a week I watch a friends little boy (sweet blonde curly headed child I'm always posting photos of on Instagram) your welcome. 

And then comes Friday, Friday's are MINE, ALL mine. My goal is to have coffee dates with friends, sketch dates by myself, and of course work in my shop. The last being the most important.  

The last few days have been utterly blissful  

the damp wet days, overcast, a chill in the air.   pouring cups of tea, sweaters to cuddle in, and books to read. 

Speaking of, my book is calling me. 

 - A Simple Sparrow