Morning Reflections


With the onset of chilly rainy mornings, i have been snuggling on the couch with my coffee pondering and reflecting on life. 

Every day of the nearly 3 years we have lived in Oregon i wake with thankfulness in my heart.  It is so important to me to be ever mindful of this thankfulness and keep that joy alive in my heart.

Eight Months ago our family had some changes happen in our life, and at that time both my husband and I felt there were BIG things in our near future. What those things are we didn't know, but we were aware of it. 

This year my Husbands Graphic Design Business has grown and prospered more than we could imagine. He has flown all over the country for work, and has more work than he can handle. Even with his chaotic work schedule he really has done an amazing job of balancing work, family, and ministry. He lives intentionally in every area. 

This past week he has had 2 huge opportunities come up that have blown us away.  we are not sure if they will come through as of yet, even if they don't come through we feel so blessed and thankful. 

Four years ago i would have never even believed we would be living in Oregon.

I will always stop and ponder and reflect on the Goodness of my God, who loves me more than i could ever imagine. He cares for every detail of our lives. Not saying we wont go through hard times, but even in those moments He is good, and i can see Him working in our lives.


My Morning Reading from Glimpses of Grace 

Being Time is Never Wasted

Perhaps one of the saddest things we can do is waste time, as Shakespeare knew when he had Richard the Second cry out, "I have wasted time, and now doth times waste me."

But being time is never wasted time. When we are being, not only are we collaborating with chronological time, but we are touching on kairos, and are freed from the normal restrictions of time. In moments of mystical illumination we may experience, in a few chronological seconds, years of transfigured love. 

Canon Tallis says that his secretary does not understand that when he is thinking, he is working; he thinks he is wasting time. But thinking time is not wasted time. There are some obvious time-wasters, such as licentious living, drunkenness, adultery, all the things Paul warns us about. A more subtle time -waster is being bored. Jesus was never bored. If we allow our 'high creativity" to remain alive, we will never be bored. We can pray, standing in line at the super market. Or we can be lost in awe at all the people around us, their lives full of glory and tragedy, and suddenly we will have the beginnings of a painting, a story, a song.   Madeleine L'Engle