The last few weeks have been so good business wise, i was able to finish up a couple customs pieces and the customers were thrilled with how they turned out. Ive come up with come new designs that i felt were done well. Today on the other hand started with me working on a necklace that i was really excited about, my original sketch which i thought would work, i ended up needing to make a couple adjustments. no biggie. unfortunately i got stuck, i decided the best thing i could do was walk away for the moment and mull everything over. Its never a good idea to work out of frustration. laying in bed tonight i decided to look up some ideas to help me out, my searches didn't really help, so instead i decided to go through old photos of my all time favorite silversmith. I love looking at her work. Well tonight instead of inspiring me, it did quite the opposite, it made me feel pretty low and worthless, my work seems pitiful in comparison. I know i shouldn't compare, but man oh man.

I need to figure out ways to become more adventurous in my ideas and work. I don't know if i am feeling stressed about getting enough inventory for the Holiday Market. 

I was hoping writing this down would help me process, not sure if thats working.

Maybe a solo walk or hike tomorrow will help me clear my thoughts and gain some inner strength.

- A Simple Sparrow