Loving Moments

As a teenager I used to collect old poetry books, especially as the friends of the library book sales, I have shelves and shelves of old discarded books.  

I don’t read them like I did back then, pining and dreaming of love that wasn’t there yet.  

In the mornings where I sit and drink my one cup of coffee a day there is a bookcase next to me with these poetry books.  

I wanted to share one with you this morning. 

this excerpt is actually taken from a small book that was my Grandma’s.  


This is what is written on the first page. 

This is what is written on the first page. 

My Grandma and Grandpa were married for 44 years before she passed away. 

Their annivesary was the day before my first sons birthday. 

The day my Grandma passed away was January 10th, 1996.  

January 10th is also my husbands birthday  


 A Woman’s Heart

A woman’s heart is a delicate thing, 

Like a gossamer thread

or a butterfly’s wing; 

Easily broken, quick to heal, 

Readily given, hard to steal.  

Bountiful riches, wonderful bliss

Has he who holds a treasure like this. 

Graciously given by Heaven above,

A woman’s heart and a woman’s love. 

- Reginald Holmes

What books do you have from your childhood that flood you with memories? I would love to hear about them.


- Jaccalyn