Family Visits

A few months ago my Papa (my Mother’s Father) was diagnosed with Cancer, to be honest I don’t know what kind, I do know the doctor is very optimistic and making sure he has quality of life. 

I knew even if he has years and years I needed to plan a trip to Nebraska to visit.   My Father was sweet enough to pay for a plane ticket for my oldest son Lennon to go with me, our first solo trip together. 



We are having such a wonderful time, we both never want to leave. 

I love having the chance just to sit in the living room with my Papa while he watches the news, just being close makes my heart full.  

Today I went with him and my step Grandma to his chemo treatment.  



I’m so happy that he has not been having any side effects from the treatment. His appetite is hearty and no hair loss.  

As he laid back in the chair underneath his warmed blanket, he looks at me and says,  

“why don’t you just not go home” 

oh Papa if I could I would stay forever  

aging and death is such a hard part of life, seeing my Papa who has always been a strong, healthy hard working man aging and fighting disease wrecks me to the core. But I also have hope for healing and recovery. 

My God is bigger than cancer.  


My Son has been enjoying seeing family and hearing all the stories. And boy does Papa have some good ones.  

I feel like this time my Son and I have had together  was good for us, we have laughed and had wonderful chats. 

I am a middle child, and he is a middle child, we have a lot of similar traits and emotions.  

We leave tomorrow afternoon to fly home, but I plan on doing this every 6 months or so.  

What is life if we are so busy that we don’t stop and see those who are important to us.  

Out on a walk in the brisk morning air.  

Out on a walk in the brisk morning air.  

- A Simple Sparrow