The Korv's Grand Adventure

LIke i said awhile back Rudolf and i decided to pull the kids out of the public school they have been attending since Adia Started Kindergarten. This was a HUGE life change for us. Our plan was to wait till they got out for summer, and begin in August. In January right before i started my collage classes, i felt maybe i should take them out early, and myself not take classes this semester, but i chalked it up to me being excited to start, and i just needed to hold off. Last week during a worship conferance at church i felt the need to talk with Rudolf about taking the kids now, spring break is coming up, so they would finish this then and not go back. When i told him, his response was 'lets ask the kids' it was unanimous  'YES'

So here we are, 1 more week left. I am a tad nervous, but yet very excited.

I have been pinning on pinterest like a mad woman, tomorrow i am going to a friends to snoop through her homeschooling books, and need to make a trip to Parker to go through my Mom's and Sisters books as well.

I am not really sure how i should start

  • Should i just start in the next grade they were going into?
  • Take it easy the next couple months, then start?
  • Should i go along with public schools calendar, or wing it?

PLUS we need to get the kids their own computer, i really want to get an older iMac since all we have are macs, and i need to get the dining room turned into a school room.

AAAAHHH so much to do, not enough money or time.

The one thing i DO know, this is what God wants us to do, so all will work out fine.

I feel we are going to appreciate being able to be with our kids, teaching them, and seeing them grow into mighty men and woman of God.

If ya think about it, shoot some prayers our way, for wisdom and financial needs.

Tea from afar

In December I happened upon a blog where the lady was doing a tea swap(I'm posting on my phone so I will put the link to her blog later) of course I signed up. Yesterday I received my cute little package of yummy tea from a sweet girl Jitřenka from the Czech Republic. I am loving the tea she sent, I've already drank 2 cups. It's so neat to meet new people from all over. I so enjoyed her letter and hope to continue to keep in touch.


A New Year


Here's to new beginnings, changes and fresh starts.

This year is going to be a doozy of a year for the Korv's.

Let me start at the beginning. For the past two years i have felt a tug in my heart to begin homeschooling my 3 amazing children. For those of you who may not know, i myself was homeschool my entire schooling years. But yet i never felt i would ever homeschool my kids, then i thought well maybe when they hit Jr. High. When i first felt that tug, i mentioned it to R. he was a bit skeptical about doing it. One thing about homeschooling is both parents HAVE to be on board or it will be un - successful.

I kept praying about it, going on the pro's and con's with the kids, preparing their hearts for it as well.

2 years later, the shooting at Sandy Hook happens. I was in parker, R. calls me and tells me we are pulling the kids out in August. my response. 'YES SIR'

I must mention that i DO NOT live in fear, but that shooting added one more Con to public school.

As well as feeling the tug to homeschool 2 years ago, both R. and I have felt that God was preparing us for something, What, we have no clue, but non the less something. and we feel this step is part of that preparation. Isn't God good that he prepares us slowly, instead of waking up one morning to BAM your doing this NOW! not sure if i could handle that. Unless He told me to move to Oregon, Cali, or pretty much any place 'GREEN' my bags would be packed in an hour. :)

My heart is so full with Thankfulness to my GOD who provides all my family needs, takes care of us, keeps us healthy, & gives us wisdom. 2013 is going to be a GREAT year.

Days gone by

Today is a day that i have a heart full of mixed emotions, Its the day of my husbands birth, he is 33 years old.

with each year he amazes me more and more.


Also 17 years ago my Grandmother Elva Francine Patterson went to be with Jesus.





I did not get to spend a whole lot of time with her as a child, and like everyone she made mistakes, but i loved her and still do.

I cannot wait till i see her again in Heaven.

Sometimes in our minds i think we have an idea of what a person would think or be like after their gone, i suppose  almost like a graven image. In my mind i think my Grandma would be proud of me, what i have done with my life, my children, things like that. I am not entirely sure about this, but in a way, i like to hold on to those feelings.

I wish she could have lived to be at my wedding, see her Great-Grand Children be born, and for them to go to her house in Fontanelle, ride horses and pick raspberries in her garden. Memories i cherish from my childhood. Its up to me to make memories like those for my children.


The last two days i have had 1 or 2 children home, with fevers and coughs. I have been pumping them full of Kombucha, and hot tea with honey. I hate when my babies are sick.


I think i might do a little sewing today...we shall see what the day holds.


later taters

An Early Christmas Gift


Here it is, it has finally arrived.

The gift that was at the top of my list, next to a wall in my garage.


Here is January in all its glory.

Miss Kelly over at UmberDoveStudios is AMAZING!

If you want to check them out head on over to her shop or come to my house and see mine!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

Over here the Korv household we will be sleeping in, going to watch the hobbit and laying around ALL day!

At Last

This morning was my first morning that i am free from classes, what a liberating feeling it is. Going to school has been one of the hardest decisions i have made. But i have finally finished my first year. sigh of relief.

Many times over the course of this year i have wanted to give up, throw in the towel and call it quits. i am sure i will think those same thoughts many times over before i complete my AA.

So today i decided i was going to work in my shop ALL day...haha, well that didnt happen, oh well.

My good friend Christina text me bright and early to see what i was up to, and how could i resist a morning of baking biscuits and drinking coffee with a friend.

I finally made it into my shop around noon, and finished up a necklace that i all but destroyed last week, i really thought it was doomed and might have to be scrapped, but my silversmith teacher Mark saved it from its untimely death. I chipped the stone while i was setting it. a stone i cut and polished myself. But all is well again, smoothed and fixed.

It will be up for grabs in my shop later today or tomorrow.

My day has flown by at an incredible speed, i wish it would slow down and let me enjoy every minute but alas it is already time for me to go pick up the kiddos from school.

My tea sipping was so short lived, until we meet again


I have discovered a new appreciation for other Artists work. I think once you yourself

start diving into the world of being artistic and stepping out into the unknown, it makes you

take a second glance at what others make, and what amount of effort it took to make what ever it is they made.

I am at that place i want to show the world the gifts inside of me, but how do i expect others to invest in me,

when i don't invest into others.

I want to surround myself with art from people i know, people i just met, and from total strangers.

SideNote......Today is my baby boy's SEVENTH Birthday. How the years have flown by, i miss my little baby, but i'm so proud of the mighty man of God he is growing into.



11 Years and Counting

Today my Husband and i celebrated our 11th Anniversary. It was a fabulous day, church, then we went to parker to visit two of my oldest friends, whom i haven't seen in just over a year. We had a lovely lunch down by the river. After biking to the grocery store for some groceries for the next day or so, i decided to pop into the studio, i was feeling creative and had some time to work without interruption.

I finally finished working on a ring a lady at church wanted. She had a brooch from the late 1800's that she wanted the stone made into a ring. and this was the result.




I absolutely LOVE the way this one turned out, the weight of it on my hand, the contrast of color is breathtaking.


Tonight i whipped up a little beauty, using a stone i cut myself in my lapidary class. I am unsure of what the stone is, i do know it came from parker. I love Blue stones, something about them , i am drawn to them. Maybe because of all the things the color represents. Peace, tranquillity, water, and so on.



Peace like a river

stamped on the inside of the band

peace like a river

This ring is composed of 20 gage sterling silver

stamped on the back is my initials and on the band is my makers mark so you know this is one of a kind

straight from my heart to yours.

It measures at about 8.5, but fits more like an 8 or 8.25

will be in my shop later tomorrow

A Simple Sparrow

I feel so accomplished today...i woke up fairly early for a Saturday morning, put a pot of coffee on and started working on cleaning up the pit i call a garage. I filled the van up with at least 8 bags and a couple boxes. I got rid of at least 3 bags of material, i keep thinking i will do some sewing but never do so i only kept what i really need. I must say it looks fabulous. And when we get the wall put up to divide my studio it will really look amazing. On my way back from the grocery store, i stopped by a yard sale and picked up a portable swamp cooler for $15 NICE!  not that its hot in the garage anymore, but next summer i will be set.

This band has been my lifeline lately...cant get enough

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6e5wxzPsQM]

Two Woman Fighting

While reading Anais Nin's book 'In favor of the sensitive man and other essays' i came across a question a reporter asked her.

Question - 'When you were 29, you wrote that there were two woman in you: "One woman desperate and bewildered, who felt she was drowning, and another who would leap into a scene, as upon a stage, conceal her true emotions because they were weaknesses, helplessness, and despair, and present to the world only a smile, and eagerness, curiosity, enthusiasm, interest." '

Her response:

"One continually leaps over the negative. I haven't yet reached a point where i am courageous every day. And the struggle keeps my diary alive. Now I have a sense of harmony, of integration. I feel free. The two woman are there in me, but they don't tear at each other. They live in peace".

This really spoke to me, i have felt lately a struggle inside of me, to be complacent in how i live my life, and not be courageous and adventurous. Not doubting myself and my Art. I feel like diving head first and not looking back, but its a scary place to be, out on that limb, people looking, pointing, judging or even not caring & believing . Not caring or believing  i think is worst of all. One woman in me is bold, sure of herself, and ready. The other one is timid and doubting of her abilities. They fight and struggle almost on a daily basis. fighting to take control. I know who i want to win...will i let her?

October Chimes

It has been awhile my lovelies, since i blogged last.

I feel like a chicken with her head cut off and my body is running around in circles. I have come to the conclusion, a sane Mother would not have attempted to take collage algebra while she still had kids at home. Why oh Why did i not go to collage when i was young? Its really not SO bad, but i will admit it is extremely hard to juggle a family and school. I sure know my husband liked me better when i wasnt taking math. Math brings out a side of Jacci no one would like to see....hehe

Well a couple week ago, i had vision of sugar plumes dancing in my head, and these sweet ditties is what came of that

They are light and free, and blow in the breeze

I feel like the sun goddess when i wear them.

100% handcrafted by yours truly

Made with love from me to you

They are in the shop NOW


This past week i was feeling down and out, I had the feelings of what in the world am i even doing!

the reason for these feelings, i got my grade from my 1st english paper. a C!!!!

I was shocked and ashamed.

I am not going back to school, to just get by, i want to succeed.

After class Wednesday i talked with my teacher and was able to see why he graded it thus.

I felt alot better, my issues we're all based on the structure of my essay, not the content.

This was a HUGE load off my shoulders. When a person is going for a degree in English, and gets a grade like that, you start to question what is the point.

I went home and re-did my paper, then had the chance to go sit down with my teacher and go over it with him. WOW he is such a great teacher, i really enjoyed sitting and talking with him, we talked about the power of our words, generational blessings & curses, & creativity.  English teachers, make you think, question, & ponder all sorts of things.

I am feeling much more confidant in the place i am,

Thoughts on Heritage

Over the last few days i have being mulling over what my Generational Blessings are. I am quite familiar  with what my generational curses are, those are not hard to miss. But what has my family fought for so i can reap the blessings.

I had the chance to chat with my Auntie Lynn tonight, she was able to make a few things clear for me, about my family. My Grandma Elva Francine Patterson got her Masters Degree in English when she was in her 50's. She was an amazing woman. She also minored in German. As i sit in my English class, i connect with this, that i have a heritage in this area. I WILL become a great writer. I also find it fascinating how these things are passed down, without me even remembering that this is what my Grandma's focus was in her schooling, i began my schooling with the same purpose. I see myself beginning to write short stories, and Poetry, and maybe even becoming a teacher in some fashion. 

To think what my Grandma had to persevere to accomplish such a great feat as her Masters Degree! WOW.

I hope she is looking down from heaven cheering me on.  Also thank you Lynn for encouraging me in my dreams and desires. i also enjoy talking with you. 

This little birdie needs to tuck herself into her nest.

Nighty night chickadees 


Another Week has come and gone...Has everyone survived? 

We took a day trip to Vegas on Saturday to do a little shopping at WholeFoods. (Please Lake Havasu we need a natural grocery store.)

Of course we made a stop at Guitar Center, and Fashion Square Mall. A very full and tiring day.

So here they are folks, last weeks lunches i sent with my 3 amigos 

My photos got all jumbled, the days are not in the order that they had them. So if you were wondering why they had pitas 3 days in a row, it really was broken up.

1 wholewheat pita


leftover steak

Orange slices

pretzel sticks

go go squeeze apple sauce

WholeWheat pita

Deli Ham

Cherry Tomatoes

Cut Cantaloupe 

Go - go squeeze applesauce

Chocolate Almond milk (this is a rare occasion, they usually get water)

wholewheat pita

leftover steak

hard boiled egg

cantaloupe and watermelon

go go squeeze applesauce

Salad with tomatoes & Organic Ranch

Grapes and Plums

1/2 a wholewheat tortilla

Kids cliff granola bar

(Adia took Banana chips as well)

Ham & cheese sandwich on wholewheat bread

Apples and watermelon

Pudding cup (this is a once in a lifetime. Rudy bought them for them) i was thoroughly appalled 

There ya go, another week come and gone.

Lunch Tips:

I always try to make extra at dinner the night before to use in the kids lunches

One Week Down

We have officially got through the first week of school, by the skin of our teeth.

I only missed 1 day out of the five

Here are Four days of lunches.

All the items i use in my children's lunches are High Fructose Corn Syrup FREE!!,

and for the most part Preservative FREE

This is VERY important to me, to make healthy and creative lunches for them

Lunch #1

1/2 cheese & Mayo sandwich on flat bread

Turkey kielbasa 

Orange Slices

Celery/Carrots/Broccoli With Organic Ranch


Lunch #2

HomeMade Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich on flatbread

Carrot Sticks

Orange Slices

String Cheese


Lunch #3

1 Wholewheat Pita Pocket

1 Slice of cheddar cheese


Grilled cubed chicken

Carrot Sticks

String Cheese

Lunch #4

Left Over 13 Bean Soup



Fruit Salad

Fruit Strip

Please keep in mind all the lunches i make have some slight variation depending on which child it belongs to.

Lennon doesn't like peanut butter or almond butter, so if the other 2 have one of those items, i make him something different. So instead of posting all the variations, i went with 1 of each.

This week they have just had water with their lunches. I haven't decided if i will send anything else but water. Maybe if i make a trip to Costco i will see about getting single serving almond milks, since we no longer drink milk.

or maybe send sun tea with them. Im still on the look out for suitable re-usable drink canisters. Right now we are using the glass apple juice containers i saved.

Next week i am hoping to order thei