From the LunchBox

I am behind a week on my 'From the Lunchbox' series

So here are 12 more days of lunches that my darling children took with them to school.

Somedays are a real struggle to find something they all will like, and also to think 'Outside' the so called lunchbox.

My middle darling, HATES sandwiches, not just pb&j's but ALL kinds. so instead of making 3 different lunches i try to make something they ALL will enjoy. 

Here ya go

I must also apologize for my photos, since somedays i am in a scrabble just to get them made, i dont take my time on photographing them, hence the blurriness, harsh lighting, and otherwise terrible photos, but you get the idea.

A Yummy Turkey/sprout sandwich on wholewheat bread

(i think this was the day i discovered Lennon doesn't like meat sandwiches)

Apple Slices with Natural Peanut Butter

Organic Chocolate Milk

Spinach Chicken patty's with brown rice

Apple Slices with natural peanut butter

(Sorry this image decided to not let me rotate it)

Ham and cheese wrapped up in wholewheat tortillas

Apple slices with peanut butter

Green grapes

All natural fruit strip

Turkey tacos from dinner the night before


Fruit strip (the kids and i both loves these fruit strips,

I get them locally at Smiths, but have bought them at Costco before as well.)

BBQ chicken leg

Baked potato


Diced Chicken

Mixed veggies


Jasmine Rice

Diced Steak

1 Peach

Pioneer Woman's cowboy Quiche (wholewheat crust)

Raw Almonds


String Cheese

Apples with Peanut butter

Raw Almonds

Meat Raviolis with sauce


Wholewheat french bread

Fresh off a tree apple ( from some friends)


Spinach Spagetti with sauce


Apple Slices

Cliff bar

Annie's Mac and Cheese

Orange Slices

Raw Almonds

Fried Rice with diced chicken

Asian Pears

There you have it

Once again if you ever have any questions about any of the foods i send please ask.


Another Week has come and gone...Has everyone survived? 

We took a day trip to Vegas on Saturday to do a little shopping at WholeFoods. (Please Lake Havasu we need a natural grocery store.)

Of course we made a stop at Guitar Center, and Fashion Square Mall. A very full and tiring day.

So here they are folks, last weeks lunches i sent with my 3 amigos 

My photos got all jumbled, the days are not in the order that they had them. So if you were wondering why they had pitas 3 days in a row, it really was broken up.

1 wholewheat pita


leftover steak

Orange slices

pretzel sticks

go go squeeze apple sauce

WholeWheat pita

Deli Ham

Cherry Tomatoes

Cut Cantaloupe 

Go - go squeeze applesauce

Chocolate Almond milk (this is a rare occasion, they usually get water)

wholewheat pita

leftover steak

hard boiled egg

cantaloupe and watermelon

go go squeeze applesauce

Salad with tomatoes & Organic Ranch

Grapes and Plums

1/2 a wholewheat tortilla

Kids cliff granola bar

(Adia took Banana chips as well)

Ham & cheese sandwich on wholewheat bread

Apples and watermelon

Pudding cup (this is a once in a lifetime. Rudy bought them for them) i was thoroughly appalled 

There ya go, another week come and gone.

Lunch Tips:

I always try to make extra at dinner the night before to use in the kids lunches

One Week Down

We have officially got through the first week of school, by the skin of our teeth.

I only missed 1 day out of the five

Here are Four days of lunches.

All the items i use in my children's lunches are High Fructose Corn Syrup FREE!!,

and for the most part Preservative FREE

This is VERY important to me, to make healthy and creative lunches for them

Lunch #1

1/2 cheese & Mayo sandwich on flat bread

Turkey kielbasa 

Orange Slices

Celery/Carrots/Broccoli With Organic Ranch


Lunch #2

HomeMade Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich on flatbread

Carrot Sticks

Orange Slices

String Cheese


Lunch #3

1 Wholewheat Pita Pocket

1 Slice of cheddar cheese


Grilled cubed chicken

Carrot Sticks

String Cheese

Lunch #4

Left Over 13 Bean Soup



Fruit Salad

Fruit Strip

Please keep in mind all the lunches i make have some slight variation depending on which child it belongs to.

Lennon doesn't like peanut butter or almond butter, so if the other 2 have one of those items, i make him something different. So instead of posting all the variations, i went with 1 of each.

This week they have just had water with their lunches. I haven't decided if i will send anything else but water. Maybe if i make a trip to Costco i will see about getting single serving almond milks, since we no longer drink milk.

or maybe send sun tea with them. Im still on the look out for suitable re-usable drink canisters. Right now we are using the glass apple juice containers i saved.

Next week i am hoping to order thei

A Busy day in the kitchen

This afternoon i felt the urge to do a little creative baking so i busted out

some home made granola that i found on the 100 days of real food lady website

I tried this last year, but i made the mistake of using wax paper, instead of parchment paper. If you did not ever know there is a difference  like i did, believe me, there IS a huge difference. The wax paper stuck to the bottom of my granola. We attempted to eat as much as we could around the wax paper. but i ended up throwing it away. SO this batch i made sure i had parchment paper.

Doesn't it look yummy?

Go make some yourselves


For dinner i made one of my favorite meals

BBQ Chicken Pizza

In all its delectable glory

I grilled 4 or 5 chicken breast, then chopped them up, flopped them in a giant ziplock and dumped a bunch of our favorite BBQ sauce, the name i cant recall at this moment. then i spread it all over my lovely  rolled out pizza crust, sprinkle then i sprinkled sharp cheddar cheese over the top, bake at 400 degrees for roughly about 15-20 mins. ( i am the worlds worst timer, i set my timer, but really just to remind me i have something in the oven.)

This is a meal that the WHOLE family enjoys

once again i got the CRUST recipe from my favorite lady over at 100 days of real food.

If you havent already checked out her website you NEED to, she ROCKS

Heres the crust recipe, SO easy and SO good whole wheat pizza crust

Later this evening my bff came over with her minions, so the total of minons in the house was 5

Our 4 boys are in heaven cause they recently got Bey Blades...pretty much a glorified top, they are all in the play room blading it up.

While they did that, i made Almond Butter!!!


I have never eaten Almond Butter before, But i am SURE i will love it.

I am so having toast with Almond Butter for breakfast in the morning.

Well sorry for such a long post today, but i wanted to get it all in.

Have a fabulous evening my little chickadees

Food Snob

I really don't want to be a person that is a food snob, But i find myself looking what others have in their carts at the grocery stores and turning my nose in the air. I Too was one of those people that bought, pre packaged food, foods full of high fructose corn syrup, chips, sodas, ( Still in process of weaning my family completely from soda) pretty much junk food in general.

Instead of turning my nose in the air, how can i help people be aware of what they are feeding their families?

What is MY part in the grand scheme of things?

I know the first step is to walk the talk

Some days can be a challenge to keep us as a family on the right track.

I am super proud of my husband who is SO supportive, he may grumble at times, but on the whole he is great.

He was even the one that pushed us to stop drinking cows milk & drink Almond milk instead. :)

Some of my more recent goals i have set for myself is to stop & i mean completely STOP drinking soda.

If you have known me for any period of time you know that i am a Dr Pepper aholic. So this is a tough thing for me.

Now we have switched to drinking the throwback sodas, which don't contain high fructose corn syrup, as well as the Safeway select sodas that only have 50 calories, Hansens, & Blue Sky sodas.

BUT they still contain lots and lots of sugar...EEEKKKKK!!!!

I cant control what my husband drinks, but i can control what my 3 little minions drink. I want to train them to not crave these sort of items that are not good for them. My goal is to get more creative with iced teas, with honey and maybe some club soda added.

Today i made a cinnamon tea with no added sweetener, i think it turned out refreshing, i know at least 1 of the 3 liked it.

My second goal is to go the WHOLE school year without them eating school lunch. To some this might seem like an easy thing to do, but when your kids get free lunches, and you are plum out of groceries, its kinda handy to fall back on. I know I know no excuse.

This is the year though, I WILL do this.

Well i have much much more rolling around in my head, but i better close before i start to ramble to much.

Tonight i shall dream of green houses and pigmy goats.

Sweet Dreams