Food Snob

I really don't want to be a person that is a food snob, But i find myself looking what others have in their carts at the grocery stores and turning my nose in the air. I Too was one of those people that bought, pre packaged food, foods full of high fructose corn syrup, chips, sodas, ( Still in process of weaning my family completely from soda) pretty much junk food in general.

Instead of turning my nose in the air, how can i help people be aware of what they are feeding their families?

What is MY part in the grand scheme of things?

I know the first step is to walk the talk

Some days can be a challenge to keep us as a family on the right track.

I am super proud of my husband who is SO supportive, he may grumble at times, but on the whole he is great.

He was even the one that pushed us to stop drinking cows milk & drink Almond milk instead. :)

Some of my more recent goals i have set for myself is to stop & i mean completely STOP drinking soda.

If you have known me for any period of time you know that i am a Dr Pepper aholic. So this is a tough thing for me.

Now we have switched to drinking the throwback sodas, which don't contain high fructose corn syrup, as well as the Safeway select sodas that only have 50 calories, Hansens, & Blue Sky sodas.

BUT they still contain lots and lots of sugar...EEEKKKKK!!!!

I cant control what my husband drinks, but i can control what my 3 little minions drink. I want to train them to not crave these sort of items that are not good for them. My goal is to get more creative with iced teas, with honey and maybe some club soda added.

Today i made a cinnamon tea with no added sweetener, i think it turned out refreshing, i know at least 1 of the 3 liked it.

My second goal is to go the WHOLE school year without them eating school lunch. To some this might seem like an easy thing to do, but when your kids get free lunches, and you are plum out of groceries, its kinda handy to fall back on. I know I know no excuse.

This is the year though, I WILL do this.

Well i have much much more rolling around in my head, but i better close before i start to ramble to much.

Tonight i shall dream of green houses and pigmy goats.

Sweet Dreams