A New Start

With the way 2013 ended up, i am beginning the year 2014knowing that every step i take, i need to pray, seek God and keep an open mind.

Last March we made the decision to pull our three littles out of Public School 
to begin the journey of Homeschooling.
We have loved every minute of the nearly year that we did that. 
The other day i read in my journal from around that time, my thoughts were wondering 
if the reason i felt so strongly to pull them out, was the beginning of us breaking away from Lake Havasu.
Every time i would ask the kids if they would ever want to move, they said no, because of
friends at school. Fast forward to July 2013, when we talked to the kids about
moving to Oregon, all three thought it was wonderful. The decisions
we make, we have no idea what they hold for our future. But i love
looking back and seeing how God's plan has unfolded.

So here we are, we have stepped out into unknown territory, following what
we believe God led our family to do. No friends, No family. 
Living in a small COZY 2 bedroom house, Rudy doing is absolute best
to work to provide for our family, as i do my darndest
to teach our children, and keep them quiet in the house. And lets me honest
with ourselves, there are just so many hours you can spend at the library per week.

We began to pray, seek God in what He wanted for our family, what was best for US.

We both felt led that we needed to find a school for them to attend.
I firmly believe homeschooling is the BEST way to learn, i love having my children home,
but at this time in our lives, for a season if you will PS is what we needed to do.

For the remainder of this school year they will be attending Caesar Chavez Elementary, and 
in March i will be putting their names into the lottery for a school called 'Family School' which is 
a smaller charter school. 
But for now where they are i am pleased with it, the staff is helpful, the teachers are 
great, and the other students were very welcoming to all three kids.

I must admit i was near to tears when i walked out of the school, but
i know they will be fine. This afternoon they were all smiles.

(Ian did get in trouble for talking to much during class, but he was excited and had made 
new friends) the teacher was really nice about it, and understood there would be an adjustment from
coming into a PS setting after being HS. 

My goals for while they are in school are to get my acetylene tank fixed so
i can begin building my inventory for the upcoming Saturday Markets that start back
up in April. i feel very confidant that my jewelry will sell very well, i just need to 
get more made :)

I so appreciate all my dear friends who have kept us in your prayers.
Please continue to do so, we are believing Rudy will find a job soon,
and that we learn more of why God wanted us here.

toddles my chickadees

Winter Wonderland

This morning we woke up to the most amazing sight I've seen in my whole life.


yesterday no snow, today snow everywhere!!!!

In all my 32 years of living, i have never woken up to fresh snow, i feel so blessed.


Plus its this cute kids birthday today.

How can my baby already be EIGHT years old.

This kid amazes me, we have spent alot time together him and i.

We had 2 whole years together while the other 2 were in school.

We spent many a day playing Trouble, Candy Land, & Connect Four.

He is such a joy to be around, he makes laugh, he makes me smile

He has a tender heart, and loves to do things to show me he loves me.

When he paints or draws he makes flowers & gardens.

When we told him we were moving to Oregon,

he told me the first thing he wanted to do was plant a flower garden.

He looks alot like me when i was little.

I love this kid with ALL my heart.

I look forward to seeing what of man he grows to become.



The view from our street



We spent alot of the day walking around town



Daddy & the Birthday boy


I need new shoes, i slipped so many times


Enjoying the snow with my Love


Three snow Angels


Its so pretty


They enjoyed the day so much

My heart is so full of joy living here

I am so thankful for my family, getting a chance to become closer to each other.

I pray that God gives me the wisdom to raise my children to be godly men and woman,

full of love for each other and people around them.

Oregon Bound - Part 2

I will pick up our story as we arrive in Eugene.

Its dark, cold and rainy. It was a rough couple of days, searching for a house, dealing with the kids being crazy and staying in Motel 6 tiny little rooms.

We looked for 3 days straight for a house, all the ones we had seen online were already taken, or were not available till a couple weeks. we also ran into houses costing much more than we anticipated. We did find a few apartments that were cheeper, but were also not in good areas of town, or were really small.

One house we found was perfect, so we thought, only a 2 bedroom, but was roomy. We went to fill out applications, but the rental company would not rent to us, cause they wouldn't allow more than 2 people per bedroom.  It was pretty crushing, but i kept telling myself and Rudy that God had a plan, that we needed to trust him. After the 4th day, we went back to one of the very first houses we looked at, but passed cause it was more than we wanted to pay per month. We called to meet with the landlady who is the cutest 90 year old lady. Long story short, the house was ours.



1412 Jefferson street 

Home Sweet Home



Mint growing wild



I absolutely adore my cute little house, its on the smaller side, only a 2 bedroom, but the master bedroom is pretty good size, so the kids share that one. Bonus is the second bedroom has a bigger closet :) score for mama.



My kitchen reminds me of my Great Grandma Berry's house in Oklahoma, i love older homes like these, yes they have their little quarks, but i love it. Since this photo i have gotten the cutest old formica table. Still in need of 2 more chairs though, and Rudy an office chair. He's been using of of our kitchen chairs at his desk.



We are slowly working on decorating and unpacking. its a work in progress. One downfall to selling most of your belongings, is replacing everything :)

After 2 weeks, i was able to find bunk beds for the boys, but we are still in need of a box spring for Adia's twin bed.

As i get more settled i will post more photos.




We have a beautiful big backyard for the kids to play in, walking distance to the public library, cute little hippie market thats been around since the 70's, and the best fish and chips shop this side of texas. :)




The kids haven been enjoying the leaves everywhere






The sidewalk in front of our house.



These have been some of our highlights thus far



Kombucha is sold EVERYWHERE!!!!!

I love it!



Yummy donut shop, very funky and strange. They sell donuts with fruit loops on them. haha and no we did not eat those, but rudy did try the bacon maple.



Awesome downtown art



Eugene Library is the COOLEST library EVER!!!!

We spend alot of time there, so rudy can have quiet at the house to work and make his family money. He's such a good Daddy.



Ian has thoroughly enjoyed the snails, this particular one he carried in his hand for 3 days straight, before he met his early demise. RIP Bob.



Something small that i love, is Eugene passed a law that no store can use plastic bags, and if you forget your re-usable bag you can pay 5cents per paper bag. I think this is awesome, being the reduce, reuse before you recycle kinda gal.




Thus far we are loving every minute of living in Eugene Oregon.

Stayed tune for more adventures in the lives of the Korv's

Oregon Bound - Part 1

The Korv's family Adventure began October 31st, 2013

It was an exhausting last few days in Lake Havasu, getting our house cleaned and the truck packed.


We packed that truck so full, we even packed my sweet Matilda.

We set off on our grand adventure to Oregon, full of hope for what God had in store.


We set out Rudy in the moving truck with Adia, and me in the car with the boys


My view for the next 3 days


its getting a bit greener. Made it to California!


I cant remember the town we stayed in the 1st night, i know it was near Bravo Farms, which we got to till to late to show the kids, i was pretty upset about that, its the coolest place ever with this amazing 4 story tree house.

The 2nd night we stayed in Redding California


the Fam goofing off on the Sun Dial bridge



Northern California is amazingly stunning. I absolutely loved the drive through there.


having fun




Pretty sure this photo was in Oregon, but possibly could have been at the tip top of California, isn't it pretty?

So after 3 days of driving we finally made it to Eugene Oregon

but our adventure wasn't over yet, it had just begun.

Where the wild things are


A good friend of mine had a necklace someone dear to her gave her years ago. Made with a piece of man made Druzy , It was wire wrapped quite simply, nothing fancy. She asked me to set it in silver. Besides the silver this piece has no worldly value. But taking something that means the world to you and setting it in a permanent beautiful pendant adds value and keeps it close to your heart.


I love how it turned out


I hope she likes it

Oregon Trail

This last month has been a doozy for the Korv's, Our biggest life change we have ever experienced snuck up on us.

Two months ago if you would have told me i would be packing up and moving 2 states away to beautiful Oregon, i would have said you were CRAZY. but thats exactly what we are doing.

It has all been a whirl wind

I am basking in Gods goodness, how everything is working out. We dont have a house yet, but i know the perfect one will be available right when we need it.


I am beyond excited about this new season in my life in Oregon.

Zero Waste Home

For awhile now i have been feeling the need to purge my home from all the clutter that surrounds me atevery turn, i feel trapped by it. I am a packrat by nature, and love to hold on to little sentimental items 
such as papers with handwriting from past boys i liked, my stack of Uno cards i played with sisters and 
friends for hours and hours. i have a whole cedar chest full of bits & pieces of stuff if someone were to 
open it and look through it, they would say, light a match and burn the whole lot. :)

Besides all those mementos, the rest of my house has been in need of major de cluttering. Slowly over the
last few months to a year, i have been going through books, and clothes, and kitchen stuff.
Downsizing, trying to live a more simpler life
Can you imagine a day when you dont have to really tidy up your living room cause all you have in there are the basics you need, no clutter at all?
Or your children's bedrooms, the basics! the bare necessities of clothes to get by, a few toys, and a bed. maybe a small box where they can keep their treasures. 
This is the life i want, stress free, clutter free. 

The last month i have been selling, organizing, and sifting through what i though were important 
to me. 
Really ask yourself that question 'Is this (?) important to me? I have used or needed it in the last
6 months? If the answer is no or maybe...sell it, donate it, toss it.

Theres a great book out, that i have read the lady's blog, i have yet to see it for sale
here, i know it is in other states.
its called 'ZERO WASTE HOME'

This lady takes de-cluttering to a whole new level

Zero Waste Home jacket
Check her blog out here

I am not sure if i will ever go as far as she has, but she is quite the inspiration to say
the least. 
As for me i am onward in my march towards being clutter free!
Wish me Luck

Custom Order



Heres my second custom order, all i was given was, she wanted a cross with a heart.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, and so is the sweet lady who purchased it.

Since i have been receiving more custom orders, i decided to make custom listings in my shop.

You purchase a custom listing for $20 and that reserves your spot for me to begin your project, then after i figure out the total price, the $20 will be subtracted from that price.

With each custom listing that is purchased i will add another one, so i don't get myself overloaded.


This is my sweet Gumdrop ring, fits a 7.25 to 7.5

in my SHOP now

Busy Days Ahead

This has been quite the month so far in the Korv household, Busy, busy, busy like always.

I have been so blessed by all the love I've been feeling in my shop of late

Today i received another custom order today and got so excited went right out

to my studio and busted it out. That and another ring just for fun.

I really wished my photo stream would work when i want it to, but alas, i fear it wont. So no photos today.




First Custom Piece

Last week i received my first custom piece. This was a big undertaking on my part, not only creatively but the pressure of ending up with final piece the way the client wants. Not sure if i want to do alot of these, but i was pleased with the out come of this one.


Image 2


This stone is a rough uncut sugilite, quite a large stone, making this one hefty pendant.


I gave it a nice oxidized hand polished finish 

Image 1

For my first custom, i am quite pleased. The lady who purchased it, loves it as well, which is what matters the most of all.


Today is the 1st day of school for the public schools here in town. It also marks the 1st time my children did not start school in the public school system. We are one week into our school year. I have chosen a new approach for my children schooling this year. I am going more of an un-schooling method of teaching.

I gave the children the option of what they wanted to learn. I was very impressed that all 3 chose to do math, Adia and Lennon are using teaching textbooks on the computer and they love it.

Adia is my schedule child, and has made up her own school schedule. she is doing a vocabulary book, spelling, journaling, reading, english , &  a cursive book. She is such a cute kid.

Lennon is researching greek mythology, roman times, assorted animals, building with legos,  and reading.

Ian is researching animals, doing art, building legos, & being a 7 year old boy.

Along with that, we are reading together, watching documentaries, (I have learned some crazy stuff about squids) and learning together as a family.

I think some of the most important things children can learn, are how to take care of their home, i.e. loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floors, cleaning their rooms, shopping for groceries, cooking, taking care of their animals, being responsible for money they earn. Life if full of learning, we just have to step outside the box.


Im off to go play scrabble....:)


I can now see why, people have to set schedules to blog, months can go by and i completely forget to even think about my blog.

How shameful I know, I do plan on seeking a solution for this problem.

A few new things have happened since my last blog.

Firstly we (my family and I) went and safely returned from our very first family vacation, through Colorado, to Nebraska. For whoever follows me on twitter, instagram, or Facebook im sure you could tell we had more than a good time. It was a much-needed rest, recharge, and time away.

Secondly i have decided to add a little something new to my Etsy shop. A Vintage section!

I love old things, items with a past, a history, We went to an antique store in Wisner Nebraska where my R. bought me a lovely set of card catalogues.


  Are they not just amazing? there is 3 separate pieces so I have one on my kitchen counter and 2 in my living room. So far all I have stored in them are rubber bands from my morning newspapers, and sticks of incense. Very worthy items for sure.

Walking though this amazing store in Wisner made me want to start collecting these wonderful items, rich in history and stories.

I am very limited in space in my house, so there is no way i can collect that much, so instead i want to collect and share with all of you the beauties I find, so you can enjoy them with me.

My first darling piece was just added to my shop HERE


Can you imagine what amazing story this darling bowl has. What home did she come from? What table did she set on holding buttered broccoli for dinner? What it a rich home where pieces like this were everywhere? or a modest home where she was the treasured dish brought out only for special occasions?

What stories she holds from the past, waiting for You to make more for her future.

I look forward to what else finds its way to my hands to share with you.

Well my chickadees, I am melting here in my shop (please pray I find a window unit CHEAP soon) so I will close for now, but I promise it will not be months until i post again.

Excited new things coming to A Simple Sparrow

Stay tuned

Capri Sun Reusable Bags

A few months back while in Vegas at a WholeFoods, a lady who worked there complimented me on my Capri Sun reusable grocery bag. She told me i needed to sell them at farmers markets. 


I placed the box of tea so you can see how big the bag is.

After months and months i finally finished 3 of them, 2 large and 1 small lunch bag

One of them, i am saving to take to 'Kashi' the lady at wholefoods as a gift, I wanted to mail her one, i even called wholefoods to talk to her, she told me she would rather thank me in person so next time i was there bring it with me. It has been like 6 months, hopefully we can make a trip soon.



The new feature i added, is an inner pocket for smaller items.


I also added my 'A Simple Sparrow' labels to show they are 100% handmade with love by ME!


Kool-Aid Jammers bag, made with Love for Kashi

Mini Lunch Bag


Mini Lunch bag, or purse or whatever you would like it to be bag





Large Capri Sun bag $15

Mini Lunch Bag $10


To order please contact me through my blog, or email me at asimplesparrow@gmail.com








Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We have officially completed our second week of homeschooling in the Korv household and what a week it has been.

I am pretty sure i have had every emotion course through my body, from excitement, joy, panic, fear, confidence as well as failure.

Thats quite a bit to feel in a matter of two weeks.

I am so thankful my husband is 100% into this decision with me, cause i know i couldn't do it without him.

Even though i am not new to the whole homeschooling thing, it is new to us as a family, I am so happy that God put Heather Crawford into my life, to be there for me and i for her in this journey. Its nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and learn from each others mistakes.


The Korv's Grand Adventure

LIke i said awhile back Rudolf and i decided to pull the kids out of the public school they have been attending since Adia Started Kindergarten. This was a HUGE life change for us. Our plan was to wait till they got out for summer, and begin in August. In January right before i started my collage classes, i felt maybe i should take them out early, and myself not take classes this semester, but i chalked it up to me being excited to start, and i just needed to hold off. Last week during a worship conferance at church i felt the need to talk with Rudolf about taking the kids now, spring break is coming up, so they would finish this then and not go back. When i told him, his response was 'lets ask the kids' it was unanimous  'YES'

So here we are, 1 more week left. I am a tad nervous, but yet very excited.

I have been pinning on pinterest like a mad woman, tomorrow i am going to a friends to snoop through her homeschooling books, and need to make a trip to Parker to go through my Mom's and Sisters books as well.

I am not really sure how i should start

  • Should i just start in the next grade they were going into?
  • Take it easy the next couple months, then start?
  • Should i go along with public schools calendar, or wing it?

PLUS we need to get the kids their own computer, i really want to get an older iMac since all we have are macs, and i need to get the dining room turned into a school room.

AAAAHHH so much to do, not enough money or time.

The one thing i DO know, this is what God wants us to do, so all will work out fine.

I feel we are going to appreciate being able to be with our kids, teaching them, and seeing them grow into mighty men and woman of God.

If ya think about it, shoot some prayers our way, for wisdom and financial needs.

Tea from afar

In December I happened upon a blog where the lady was doing a tea swap(I'm posting on my phone so I will put the link to her blog later) of course I signed up. Yesterday I received my cute little package of yummy tea from a sweet girl Jitřenka from the Czech Republic. I am loving the tea she sent, I've already drank 2 cups. It's so neat to meet new people from all over. I so enjoyed her letter and hope to continue to keep in touch.


A New Year


Here's to new beginnings, changes and fresh starts.

This year is going to be a doozy of a year for the Korv's.

Let me start at the beginning. For the past two years i have felt a tug in my heart to begin homeschooling my 3 amazing children. For those of you who may not know, i myself was homeschool my entire schooling years. But yet i never felt i would ever homeschool my kids, then i thought well maybe when they hit Jr. High. When i first felt that tug, i mentioned it to R. he was a bit skeptical about doing it. One thing about homeschooling is both parents HAVE to be on board or it will be un - successful.

I kept praying about it, going on the pro's and con's with the kids, preparing their hearts for it as well.

2 years later, the shooting at Sandy Hook happens. I was in parker, R. calls me and tells me we are pulling the kids out in August. my response. 'YES SIR'

I must mention that i DO NOT live in fear, but that shooting added one more Con to public school.

As well as feeling the tug to homeschool 2 years ago, both R. and I have felt that God was preparing us for something, What, we have no clue, but non the less something. and we feel this step is part of that preparation. Isn't God good that he prepares us slowly, instead of waking up one morning to BAM your doing this NOW! not sure if i could handle that. Unless He told me to move to Oregon, Cali, or pretty much any place 'GREEN' my bags would be packed in an hour. :)

My heart is so full with Thankfulness to my GOD who provides all my family needs, takes care of us, keeps us healthy, & gives us wisdom. 2013 is going to be a GREAT year.

Days gone by

Today is a day that i have a heart full of mixed emotions, Its the day of my husbands birth, he is 33 years old.

with each year he amazes me more and more.


Also 17 years ago my Grandmother Elva Francine Patterson went to be with Jesus.





I did not get to spend a whole lot of time with her as a child, and like everyone she made mistakes, but i loved her and still do.

I cannot wait till i see her again in Heaven.

Sometimes in our minds i think we have an idea of what a person would think or be like after their gone, i suppose  almost like a graven image. In my mind i think my Grandma would be proud of me, what i have done with my life, my children, things like that. I am not entirely sure about this, but in a way, i like to hold on to those feelings.

I wish she could have lived to be at my wedding, see her Great-Grand Children be born, and for them to go to her house in Fontanelle, ride horses and pick raspberries in her garden. Memories i cherish from my childhood. Its up to me to make memories like those for my children.


The last two days i have had 1 or 2 children home, with fevers and coughs. I have been pumping them full of Kombucha, and hot tea with honey. I hate when my babies are sick.


I think i might do a little sewing today...we shall see what the day holds.


later taters